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A Message from the President

Are you in search for the Holy Grail of law firm advertising? Well, this is NOT it. During more than 15 years of helping law firms with their marketing efforts, I have come to realize only two things for certain. One, there is no Holy Grail for lawyer marketing and advertising. And two, consistency in message and brand are both keys to any successful marketing and advertising program.

Commercials4Lawyers was created to help firms consistently build message and brand in their marketing. The concept of Commercials4Lawyers is simple: create clean, professional quality TV commercials that are designed to efficiently produce consistent results for the law firms that use them. There are more than 300 to choose from. Some are direct, others are subtle, but they are all designed to give your firm a distinctive edge in your marketplace.

If your firm is like most, you either depend on your expensive, red-tape ad agency or you play producer with your local yokel TV station, and you get a commercial that doesn’t distinguish you from any other attorney in town.

Give Commercials4Lawyers a try. Order a demo of the categories that match your needs and that you want to promote as your firm’s specialty. Talk to one of our production specialists, and within just a few weeks you will have first-quality, agency-created commercials for a fraction of the typical cost and with zero of the traditional hassle.

Take this easy, proven step toward improving your brand and increasing your firm’s overall marketing success.

Arnie S. Malham