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Actual Call 1

Incorporating the real emotion and real problems of an actual caller, this powerful spot shows the very real challenges and effects an accident has on victims.
SFL-1235 | $3,500 - $5,300

Not the Suing Type v.1

This couple is not the suing type, but they regret it now. They should have called a lawyer before signing the papers from the insurance company.
SFL-329 | $3,500 - $5,300

Not the Suing Type v.2

This couple made a mistake. They settled with the insurance company because they’re not the suing type. They regret it now. They should have called a lawyer.
SFL-330 | $3,500 - $5,300

You Think

These clients won’t back down from the big insurance company. They have you fighting for them—they know they’re in capable hands.
SFL-307 | $3,500 - $5,300


A touching story of a young girl who was injured by a careless driver. But she and her family are going to be okay because they have a lawyer on their side.
SFL-309 | $3,500 - $5,300


The insurance company didn’t help Allen when he was out of work due to an accident that wasn’t his fault. You’re here to help.
SFL-310 | $3,500 - $5,300


Bill was injured in a car accident. He was worried his daughter wouldn’t be able to go to college due to his lost wages and medical expenses. But you’ve stepped in and his daughter begins college next year.
SFL-311 | $3,500 - $5,300


Tyler’s dad was killed by a drunk driver. He’s too young to understand what happened. Your firm urges others to think about Tyler before they drink and drive.
SFL-601 | $3,500 - $5,300


A family is devastated by a careless driver. Kathy lost both her husband and young son. Your law firm has the influence to warn against others driving carelessly.
SFL-602 | $3,500 - $5,300