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Convince / No Lawyer

This spot informs the accident victim there’s an advantage of having a lawyer on his or her side…3½ times more money.
SFL-321 | $3,500 - $5,300

What Do You Do?

A car accident victim is seriously hurt, medical bills are piling up and going to work is out of the question. What do they do now? Call your law firm.
SFL-324 | $3,500 - $5,300

Don't Take Chances

Increased traffic can lead to more accidents. An injured person shouldn’t take on the insurance company alone. Your law firm will help them get the money they deserve.
SFL-323 | $3,500 - $5,300

Word / Don't Sign

Car accident victims shouldn’t unknowingly sign away their rights to the insurance company. They need guidance from you.
SFL-1202 | $3,500 - $5,300

Three Things

Three vital things your client needs to know after sustaining injuries from a car accident.
SFL-315 | $3,500 - $5,300

Right Choice

Following a serious accident, the victim either accept a small check from the insurance company, or make the right choice by calling your law firm.
SFL-316 | $3,500 - $5,300

Do Something

The insurance company may try to deny car accident victims the money they deserve. They can stand up for their rights by calling your law firm.
SFL-325 | $3,500 - $5,300


Someone is seriously injured after a car accident. They turn to you for serious help.
SFL-304 | $3,500 - $5,300


We Sue Drunk Drivers

Your firm takes a stand against drunk drivers—people shouldn’t be hurt or wrongfully killed by someone else’s irresponsibility.
SFL-302 | $3,500 - $5,300