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If your firm can send someone to an accident victim’s home for the initial consultation, this spot’s for you. A humorous look at a couple trying to visit your office, but finding it extremely difficult since the husband is in a full leg cast.
CFL-1179 | $3,500 - $5,300

Dog Trainer

An inexperienced dog trainer who can’t run with the big dogs. A universal message that teaches people that experience counts regardless of the job—this goes for lawyers too.
CFL-334 | $3,500 - $5,300

Motorcycle Buyer

Humorous spot involving a motorcycle buyer who’s better off driving a car. Experience can make all the difference, and the same is true when hiring the right lawyer.
CFL-333 | $3,500 - $5,300


Ever had a bad experience with the barber? If so, you can certainly relate to the poor soul in the barber’s chair. A message speaking to accident victims that they need to hire an experienced professional—someone like you.
CFL-332 | $3,500 - $5,300

Tattoo Artist

Our unfortunate victim will think twice about calling this tattoo artist again. A universal analogy demonstrating that experience can make all the difference.
CFL-331 | $3,500 - $5,300


Insurance adjusters and their boss enjoy a sunny day on the golf course. The boss tees up for a drive, but once the adjuster explains the problem she’s having settling a case with your firm…WHIFF!…his concentration is rudely interrupted.
CFL-306 | $3,500 - $5,300