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Legal Marketing

How It Works

This spot shows clients the complexities and confusion they could be skipping when filing for workers' compensation by just hiring an experienced attorney.
SFL-1247 | $3,500 - $5,300

Future Medical Rights

Using innovative visuals, this workers’ compensation spot begs the question, “What would happen if you missed a paycheck…or two?” This spot lets clients know you will fight to help them protect their future rights to compensation.
SFL-1177 | $3,500 - $5,300

Marketing for Lawyers Legal Marketing

All Across v.1

An informative message with striking photography to the public explaining how you help injured workers across our state. You understand workers have families to take care of and they're not looking for a hand out…just a helping hand.
SFL-401 | $3,500 - $5,300

All Across v.2

Identical script from above, but told with meaningful video shots as opposed to the striking photography displayed in “All Across v.1.”
SFL-1053 | $3,500 - $5,300

Lawyer Marketing Commercials for Lawyers


An invitation for injured workers to contact you to see if they qualify for Workers’ Comp benefits. Your law firm understands the needs of injured workers, and you’re here to help.
SFL-403 | $3,500 - $5,300

Would Work

Your law firm understands injured workers would work if they could. Someone injured on the job, however, deserves compensation for medical expenses and other bills. That’s why you’re here—to help injured workers get the money they deserve.
SFL-404 | $3,500 - $5,300

Lawyer Advertising Firm Legal Advertising

Support v.1

Your firm reaches out to injured workers. You understand they’ve always been there to support their family, but now they can’t work due to an injury on the job. Striking photography is used to accompany the message.
SFL-405 | $3,500 - $5,300

Support v.2

Identical script from above, but told with meaningful video shots as opposed to the striiking photography displayed in “Support v.1.”
SFL-1054 | $3,500 - $5,300

Legal Advertising Firm

Cut Benefits

An injured worker has been told he can go back to work, but he’s still hurt. They may even try to cut his benefits, but you’re there to help him fight back.
SFL-406 | $3,500 - $5,300


A sympathetic message telling the injured worker there is no reason to feel ashamed to ask for help after getting hurt on the job.
SFL-407 | $3,500 - $5,300

Legal Marketing


The family depends on the hard work of the breadwinners. But if they’re hurt and can’t work, who do they turn to? This spot makes it clear that your law firm fights for injured workers and their families.
SFL-408 | $3,500 - $5,300

The Jones Act

An informative message appealing to injured martime workers who have been hurt and may have a claim under the Jones Act.
SFL-412 | $3,500 - $5,300

Lawyer Marketing Marketing for Lawyers


This spot informs workers who have been fired after being hurt on the job that they may be entitled to workers’ compensation
disability benefits.
SFL-1203 | $3,500 - $5,300


Lets workers know it isn’t too late for them to get the workers’ compensation they deserve. Even if they previously settled their claims, your firm can help them reopen their case for reconsideration.
SFL-1220 | $3,500 - $5,300