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What It Covers:

The Basics

  • What is an injury lawyer?
  • Basic legal terms and definitions
  • Who can give legal advice?
  • The importance of confidentiality

Accidents & Injuries

  • Different types of accident cases
  • How to evaluate a case
  • Different types of injuries
  • Insurance damage formulas

Legal Liability

  • What is legal liability?
  • Liability, negligence, and damages
  • Different kinds of liability
  • Explaining the burden of proof
  • Defining redress


  • Identifying and proving negligence
  • Defining evidence
  • Discovery and disclosure
  • Medical documentation
  • Defining causation
  • Categories of negligence
  • Measuring negligence


  • Defining damages
  • Minimizing suffering
  • Measuring damages
  • Mental and emotional damage
  • Future damages
  • Defining punitive damages
  • Explaining property damages
  • “The law takes you as it finds you.”
  • Wrongful death

Auto Insurance Basics

  • Different types of coverage
  • Phantom vehicle rule
  • No faultMarketing for Lawyers insurance laws

Auto Insurance Policies

  • Policy limits
  • How to read a Declarations Page
  • Explaining named insured
  • What drivers are covered?
  • What if your client was the passenger?
  • Explaining “Stacking”

Auto Insurance Basics

  • Who is the adjuster and what does he or she do?
  • Rules of contributory and comparative negligence
  • What happens if we can’t settle a claim?
  • Contingency fees
  • “Settling on the courthouse steps”

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